The Mentorship at Work workshop is fast-paced and comprehensive. It provides practical tools to help participants improve their communication and mentoring skills. The workshop provides clear and simple tools to help you manage change and growth in the workplace.


The Need

The Mentorship at Work workshop was developed to help solve your real business issues. You will learn how to:

  • Master a simple model for communication between individuals and across teams.
  • Help new employees become more proficient, in less time.
  • Increase employee motivation and retention.
  • Learn how to make better decisions.
  • Become a better manager through delegation and motivation.
  • Be a better leader and develop the new leaders in your organization.
  • Give retiring employees a way to share their experience and knowledge before they leave.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

The workshop is comprised of four modules which are delivered over a period of six hours.
Module 1This module sets the stage for the workshop. It talks about the dynamics of the workplace and the necessity for mentorship. It presents business and personal reasons for being a mentor. It presents the types of mentoring that is wanted by employees as well as the various levels of structure that can be considered when developing a mentorship program.
Module 2This module presents a basic model for an effective mentorship conversation. It helps mentors put structure and purpose into conversations with their mentees by focusing the conversation on specific end-points for the mentee.
Module 3This module focuses on presenting specific actions that the participants can take to create a mentorship environment. The content of this module was distilled from hours of interviews with business managers. The end result of this module is an action list that workshop participants can immediately apply to their workplace to get results.
Module 4This last module gives participants the tools and resources needed to begin or strengthen their mentorship relationships. They will begin to develop their own roadmap for developing better mentorship relationships with their co-workers.  

Intended Audience

The Mentorship At Work workshop was designed for people in an organization who are accountable for managing others now or in the future. They work especially well for the development of first-time managers.

Feedback from Recent Workshops

"This is an excellent workshop that opened my eyes to view mentorship in a whole new light. The techniques I have learned will enhance these relationships and foster longevity in my business."

"Excellent information. Excellent facilitation."

"The workshop was very interesting and very well thought out."

"I can't think of anything that I would do to improve this workshop."

"This workshop changed the way I see mentorship."

"The class size of 12 was perfect!"

"Very personal workshop."

"The conversations throughout the workshop were very interesting."

"Learning how to have a mentoring conversation was extremely useful."

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