85 Mentorship Challenge

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I create a bond with the new employee and help them feel at home in our community.
My priority when hiring is to create a safe environment that supports new employees and ensures that that they feel comfortable asking questions.
I consistently apply multiple tactics to bolster the confidence of those I supervise.
I actively participate in establishing the relationship between the new employees and all clients.
I closely manage the amount and difficulty of the work that is given to new employees.
I know how to create a learning environment within the workplace.
I closely manage the level of challenge that is given to each new employee and make adjustments that match their changing levels of expertise and confidence.
I prepare and follow a customized development plan for each new employee that includes scheduled review points.
Each mentorship conversation with the new employee includes tactics that help build their confidence and lead to a specific action or outcome.
I have established protocols for the office that are routinely discussed and shared with all employees.