The Mentorship at Work program can be customized to specifically address the unique needs of your organization or company.

The Veterinary Mentorship at Work program was developed to create a mentorship culture within the veterinary profession. This extensive effort includes a unique blend of workshops, seminars, handbooks, one-to-one coaching and a customized matching process.

The Veterinary Mentorship at Work delivers clear benefits to:

Entire Veterinary Industry

  • Addressing the growing challenge of retaining new veterinarians, especially in rural practice.
  • Increasing satisfaction of new veterinarians into the industry.
  • Developing more positive role models to ensure students see rural practice as viable opportunities.

Veterinary Associations

  • Effective way of implementing a high quality mentorship program.
  • Providing true value to their membership in a cost effective manner.
  • Integrating workshops and presentations into conferences and seminar sessions.

Universities and Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

  • Providing a support system to help new students better transition into the veterinary profession.
  • Creating a way for students to find and initiate relationships with veterinarians in their areas of interest.
  • Training instructors to be better mentors and have a greater impact on new graduates.

Established Veterinarians

  • Providing better support to new veterinarians when they enter the workforce and thereby having better success at attracting and keeping top new graduates.
  • The opportunity to practice development skills, to be challenged and reflect on your own situation.
  • Improving their communication and motivation skills.
  • Having the tools necessary for coordinated and planned succession.

New Graduates

  • Increasing the confidence and independence in the early stages post-graduation.
  • More informed decision -making and selection of their field of study.
  • Better selection of first employment as a veterinarian.
  • Rapid learning and availability of advice and sounding board for career decisions and skill development.

Key Veterinary Mentorship at Work Elements:

Key Mentoring Skill Development – “Ensuring veterinarians have the necessary mentoring skills”

For Veterinary Mentors

  • Interactive training on how to be top mentors.
  • Workshops, seminars, guides, resources, support options.
  • Uncover how to have an effective mentoring conversation.

For Veterinary Mentees

  • Training on how to get the most from your mentoring experience.
  • Workshops, seminars, guides, resources, support options.
  • Have the tools necessary to create a roadmap to give you focused mentoring sessions and quickly attain your learning goals.

A Matching Process – “Getting the right people together”

  • Advanced internet-based matching system.
  • Aligned with the company / association goals.
  • Flexible, easy to use and adapted to each company.
  • Systematic and transparent.

A Mentoring Roadmap – “Setting mutual expectations and objectives”

  • Guide all participants through the steps of establishing a fulfilling mentorship relationship.
  • Provide all necessary action plans, goal setting worksheets, forms and support resources.

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