The Mentorship At Work program is delivered by Certified Executive Coaches who are accredited by the International Coach Federation. The program has earned a reputation for having unique and high quality content, delivered by people with extensive business experience. 

The creation of this program originates from reoccuring discussions with clients looking for ways of instilling a learning culture within their organizations. Organizations wanted support in creating a mentorship environment within the workplace. They also wanted to deal with people who understood business.

The content for the Mentorship At Work workshop originates from countless interviews with managers and business owners resulting in a unique body of knowledge based on industry "best mentorship practices".  These findings are presented in a manner in which participants create their own mentorship signature during their attendance at the workshop.

Bernard Vincent teaches professionals how to be better mentors. Bernard is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and a Master of Science degree. He also has a Master of Business Administration degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria.