mentorshipatwork1The Mentorship At Work program was developed to specifically assist companies and organizations create a mentoring culture. It provides the participants with the skill development, resources and tools necessary to become better mentors.

The information for the curriculum originates from countless interviews with business managers and their new employees. It is really a "best mentoring practices" course for managers at all levels of organizations. The objective is to help create better mentors regardless of their current level of mentoring proficiency.  

In this one-day workshop you will learn principles the you can immediately apply in your workplace.

Here's a sample of what we will work on together ...

Where to start on your journey to becoming a better mentor How to recognize and successfully approach the different types of mentoring How to better manage knowledge and skill transfer to new employees How to have more effective mentorship conversations How to create a mentoring environment within the workplace Plus many more lessons learned from other managers like yourself, that help you catapult your mentorship program.
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